Turbine bypass systems increase the flexibility in operation of steam power plants. They assist in faster start-ups and shutdowns without incurring significant damage to critical and expensive components in the steam circuit due to thermal transients. In some boiler designs, turbine bypass systems are also used for safety function.

Performance of the turbine bypass system has a strong influence on plant performance and long-term health of critical components such as boiler tubes, headers and steam turbines. Correct sizing and selection of the steam pressure reducing valve, desuperheater and spraywater valve are critical for smooth operation of a steam plant.

KOSO VeCTorâ„¢ Velocity Control Technology meets the critical functional requirements of turbine bypass systems.

KOSO Benefits

  • High reliability necessary to achieve high plant availability
  • Low noise and vibration to improve personnel safety and equipment reliability
  • Fast and accurate control performance for smooth start-ups, shut-downs and load changes
  • Ease of maintenance with quick-change trim


Turbine Bypass Valves